KCBA Budget

Activities such as Band/Guard are partially sponsored (financially) by a parent association or booster club, like the Klein Collins Band Association (KCBA).

This budget will help support a major portion of the KCHS Band/Guard activities and needs.  KCBA has committed to provide the Band/Guard with approximately $143,070 to support many of the functions and provide student supplies not covered by funds provided by KISD. Roughly $117,670 is generated from student fees and the balance is generated by fund raisers conducted by KCBA.

The Fair Share Fee pays for the Band, Color Guard & Percussion clinicians brought in to assist our band directors in providing special instruction to all participants to enhance their individual skills, as well as to create the complex marching show to entertain the football fans and be competitive in their UIL class.  The Fee also supports the following items:  equipment repairs, contest expenses, marching performance props,  additional program design, transportation of students and equipment to contest, music, a show t-shirt, end of year banquet and refreshments for each marching event.

Band, Color Guard and Percussion members will have additional items that you will be responsible for purchasing in addition to the Band fee.  This includes, but not limited to: shoes, marching shorts, garment bag, individual instruments/equipment and other personal accessories.

If band member decides to drop band after the first game, there will be no refund of the Fair Share Fee.

2017-18 KCBA Budget