The KC Band program is supported not only by all of the directors but also by the Klein Collins Band Association (KCBA). The KCBA is an organization comprised of parents/guardians of all Klein Collins Band members and any other parties who have a vested interest in the success and supports the activities of the Band programs at Klein Collins High School.  The primary purpose of the Band Association is to assist the Director of Bands in the development of excellence in music education, performance skills, and leadership in the band students. The Band Association accomplishes this by providing financial, logistical, and moral support in a balanced fashion for all of the band programs and the students who participate in them.

Organized more than ten years ago, opportunities abound for assisting the band before, during and after performances. For each performance,  chaperones travel with the Band and Guard, props are transported and staged, event programs and spirit items are sold and great music and performances are enjoyed!

Come be part of the fun and enjoy your students’ talent and energy!

KCBA Mailing Address:  KCBA    4008 Louetta Road    Box 262    Spring, TX  77388