Charms Website

Parents can access the Charms Office website for general information about the band program as well as password-protected content specific to each student.  The student and parent contact information in Charms is used for communication emails from band directors, and the calendar contains practice and game schedules.  Volunteer sign-up is also done through Charms.

To login…

1. Open the Charms Office Website (

2. On the Charms home page, click on “Enter” to display the login page.

3. On the login page under “Parents/Students/Members,” enter kleincollinshsband to display announcements and general information from band directors and KCBA volunteers.

Student Information
On the Klein Collins Band page in Charms, you can also enter a password to access your student’s information. Please have your student school ID number handy if you will be logging into the student section for the first time.

Video tutorial on how to use Charms.

Click Here for instructions on how to sync the Charms calendar to your phone calendar.